Adopted Meows

On this page we feature our kitties with their new families. We can't wait to see this page grow, and to watch our kitties bring joy to their new families!

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Angel Adopted By Dakota and Family

Marmaduke Adopted By 

Cinnamon Adopted By


Mickey Adopted By Seth & Family

Ren Ren Adopted by Donna & Family


Possum Adopted by Jennifer & Family


Ben Ben adopted by Sheilah

Layla Adopted By Naomi & Family

RuRu Adopted By Samantha & Family

Patience Adopted By Tora & Family

Fire Adopted By

Pachi Adopted by Jess & Family

Sparky Adopted by Angie & Family

Chi Chi Adopted By Holli & Family

Geovonte - Adopted by Shelley and renamed Baxter

Jeff and Socks - what a pair they make smiley

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life is better with a cat