Business Sponsorships

Are you the owner of a business, or do you work for a large corporation? Is your organization looking for a significant, local cause to partner with? If the answer is yes, then seriously think about becoming a member of the Meow Love Club.

We're on a mission to end the misery of the feral and abandoned cats in our area. We’re making a huge difference in the lives of animals we come into contact with, along with the families we meet along the way. By rescuing and adopting out the cats that can be, and helping the ones that can't adopted by giving them veterinary treatment, shelter, and supples, we are making a difference one meow at a time. 

SAM is funded solely by donations from the community, and business sponsors are a powerful ally. Large corporations are powerful and influential organizations, simply by their size and their ability to draw attention to themselves. When they say something or do something, people listen. Even smaller businesses and corporations can provide substantial financial support, which can make a big difference in the lives we save and the hearts we touch. 


In exchange for reoccurring monthly or yearly donations of at least $50, SAM offers local businesses like yours advertising by adding your banner to our front page. This allows you to get exposure and recognition, and helps grow your business. 


We also accept one-time donations in any amount, or donations intended to only be used for TNR in your specific community. If that is your preference, include that information in a note.


If you would prefer to send a check, it can be mailed to:

Stray Animals Matter

PO Box 111

Marionville, Mo 65705


By partnering together, we can save even more animals through the reduction of feral cat populations and the rehabilitation of those friendly enough to accept it.


Will you be a Sponsor?



Order your Pet Food at and Stray Animals Matter will get a $20 donation!

life is better with a cat